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Rigged elections will only give us stoned Farzanas!

It is a matter of immense shame for Pakistan and the ruling party of Pakistan Muslim League-N that a young girl was stoned to death in broad day light in the second largest city, Lahore of the country.

Social justice does not exist as rulers are concerned more about roads and flyovers than to provide basic needs like education, health and protection.

Are the rulers of Punjab even aware of plight of the poor at the hands of the police? A raped poor woman will only find more rapist in police uniform if she dared to enter police station to file complain.
Have we all forgotten the self immolation of a helpless girl in front of the police station a couple of weeks ago, or the henious killing of two Sialkot brothers by the local powerfuls in 2011 or even the current case of stoning of Farazana in Lahore? Count can go on forever!

Can this present lot of rulers fool the people for long? Are flyover, roads or metros more important than something as basic as security? Is social security even in the priority list of the sharifs or zardaris at all? Doesnt seem so!

Sadly punctured democracy can only throw some roads or other shiny pojects to show off to create an alibi for so-called win, and nation will continue to suffer at the hands of the likes of MSRs and Sethis!
Rigged elections will only give us stoned Farzanas! Unfortunate but true!