PTI to Storm Sialkot, 7 June 2014

Imran Khan tsunami reaches SialkotSialkot will be in the media spotlight as the city is all set to rock with a big big show. Social media and Sialkot itself is abuzz with huge the word of Tsunami coming to hit the City of Eagles Saturday, 7th June.

After two back-to-back successful rallies in Islamabad and Faisalabad, Imran Khan is giving no respite to Federal Govt. Chairman PTI is on the attack, while govt has no words to defend its now obvious involvement in the last year’s general elections. Khan’s party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is protesting against the worst ever rigging of public mandate during 2013 general elections.

PTI NA-110 candidate Usman Dar is at the helm of affairs in organizing a the weekends show. Sialkot, famous for its resilience, sports goods and surgical industry is all set to make an impact on the national politics as Tsunami is

PTI is demanding thumb verification for four National Assembly constituencies. The party complains that election tribunal, bound by law to settle complaints within 120 days, are being politically interfered and have been rendered ineffective and powerless.

David Beckham set to come out of retirement?

David Beckham is 39-years-old and has been out of the game for a season after retiring last May.

The global superstar hasn’t played for over 13 months but could be set for a shock comeback if his recent comments are anything to go by.

In a new documentary set to be released by the BBC, Beckham seems to be pondering a return to playing as he struggles with lingering doubts over retiring from his glittering playing career too early.

Since retirement Beckham has put together a consortium that has brought Major League Soccer to Miami, with the team expected to start play by 2017 if their deal for a new stadium can be pushed through quickly in the coming months.

Redknapp: Chelsea Should Have Kept Lampard

Chelsea should have done everything in their power to retain the services of Frank Lampard, that is according to Harry Redknapp, following the announcement that the iconic midfielder will leave the west London club when his contract expires next month.

Lampard confirmed on Monday evening that his illustrious 13-year spell with Chelsea will come to an end as of July 1, with the England international choosing to pursue pastures new rather than retire from the game.

It is unclear whether or not Lampard was offered the opportunity

to extend his stay at Stamford Bridge into another season but, regardless, the 35-year-old has taken the decision to leave Chelsea – with the MLS expected to be his destination.

Redknapp, though, believes Chelsea have made a mistake by not doing more to persuade Lampard to stay at the club, with the experience and advice he can offer to younger players as valuable as the veteran’s performances on the pitch.

Scotland Yard: Enough Evidence against Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain detained After this morning arrest of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain in NorthWest London, it has been reported that Scotland Yard has enough evidence that it may charge Altaf Hussain within hours. There is a strong chance of happening this today i.e. Tuesday 3rd June 2014.
After the framing of the charges, Altaf Hussain may apply and be given bail, however he will not be allowed to leave United Kingdom.

Altaf Hussain has been detained in Victoria Police Statio in Central London.

Karachi shutdown after Altaf Hussain Arrested in NW London

After arrest news of Mutahidda Qaumi Movement leader Altaf Hussain spread in the metropolitan, people were seen in panic as many rushed back to their homes from offices.

There were reports of forced shutter down in few areas of Karachi.

Sporadic firing incidents in Nawab Shah were also reported, though not confirmed.

Karachi stock exchange crashed 750 points as well.

Altaf Hussain was arrested by London Met Police this morning in money laundering case.

Altaf Hussain Arrested in London

MQM AH Arrested in London Leader of the Mutahidda Qaumi Movement Altaf Hussain has been arrested in London this morning, sources have revealed. It is reported that Scotland Yard has arrested MQM chief this morning in Money Laundering case. Investigations were going on in this regard for more than 14 months.
This was further reported that Government of Pakistan was informed about this impending arrest three days ago.

Rigged elections will only give us stoned Farzanas!

It is a matter of immense shame for Pakistan and the ruling party of Pakistan Muslim League-N that a young girl was stoned to death in broad day light in the second largest city, Lahore of the country.

Social justice does not exist as rulers are concerned more about roads and flyovers than to provide basic needs like education, health and protection.

Are the rulers of Punjab even aware of plight of the poor at the hands of the police? A raped poor woman will only find more rapist in police uniform if she dared to enter police station to file complain.
Have we all forgotten the self immolation of a helpless girl in front of the police station a couple of weeks ago, or the henious killing of two Sialkot brothers by the local powerfuls in 2011 or even the current case of stoning of Farazana in Lahore? Count can go on forever!

Can this present lot of rulers fool the people for long? Are flyover, roads or metros more important than something as basic as security? Is social security even in the priority list of the sharifs or zardaris at all? Doesnt seem so!

Sadly punctured democracy can only throw some roads or other shiny pojects to show off to create an alibi for so-called win, and nation will continue to suffer at the hands of the likes of MSRs and Sethis!
Rigged elections will only give us stoned Farzanas! Unfortunate but true!